World records linked to marijuana

Ever wondered what would happen if you collected all the bling in the world or created and fired up the world's biggest bongo? Records related to smoking and growing cannabis are increasingly finding their way into the Guinness Book of Records, and sometimes into police files. Probably not all of them are documented.

Fortunately, changing laws and attitudes towards cannabis allow records to be set that would have never occurred to anyone a dozen years ago. Here are five cannabis-related world records.

The most smoked joints in the world:

Photo shared byIrvin Rosenfeld.

Many a smoker has dreamed of this, but for now, the medal for accomplishment goes to Irvin Rosenfeld of Florida. In 2014, he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for his documented smoking of 115,000 joints. When you see his picture you might be surprised. Rosenfeld is a broker, not likely to be associated with the stereotypical smoker, and his dealer is the federal government. The secret is that the record holder suffers from a bone disease. Thanks to medical marijuana, he can function normally. Perhaps that's why it was possible to document this impressive number of smoked blints. After all, not everyone who just leaves the stratosphere after smoking several grams of cannabis wants to write down their exploits, and such a feat is not always suitable for publication.

The world's biggest joint


There are at least a few contenders for the title of largest joint creator. However, the first place should probably be given to Tony Greenhand. He is the author of the nearly two-kilogram joint in the form of a watermelon, which of course can be smoked. Greenhand actually deserves a whole separate chapter in the Guinness Book of Records - he makes sculptures, which are also smokeable blunts. Among his creations is a joint in the shape of a replica AK-47 filled with frontal weed - 91-OG Kush. If you are interested, you can watch his creations on youtube.

The highest THC content in the plant


As we know, the content of the active ingredient THC varies from one cannabis strain to another. From mild, almost imperceptible amounts to intense concentrations. This allows medical marijuana patients to take lower or higher doses of the essential drug - depending on need, age and individual ability. The varying amounts are also a treat for recreational users. So far, the record-holder in this respect has been the Bruce Banner #3 hybrid strain. With an impressive THC content of over 28%, this is the number one strain tested in the Cannabis Cup.

Largest legal plantation

If you plant a lot, you plant a lot, especially if it is completely legal. That is certainly the assumption of the medical marijuana growers in Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada. Because of the harsh Canadian climate they had to build a greenhouse. It measures 35000 square meters and a rich collection of medicinal strains are grown there. Due to the growing demand, the cultivation is constantly expanding. It is possible that it will keep its status as the biggest in the world for a long time.

The biggest illegal plantation


Other record holders were not as lucky as the Canadians. In 2011, Mexican soldiers discovered the largest illegal marijuana plantation in the state of Baja California. It covered 120 hectares and the value of a single harvest on the black market would have been - according to estimates - $160 million. To date, this record has not been broken. Or maybe other illegal growers are just more careful...