How marijuana affects the human body - a handful of interesting facts

Have you ever wondered why your eyes turn red after marijuana, and why THC taken in cookie form provides a much bigger kick? If so, welcome to this short post where we will present the most popular trivia from the world of smokers.

Red eyes - have you been drinking or maybe smoking?

Eyes after marijuana

As a rule, alcohol and marijuana cause congestion of the eyes. In the case of the herb, the factor that causes redness of the whites is THC. Why does this happen? First of all, THC leads to a decrease in blood pressure, which dilates blood vessels and increases blood circulation. The effect of the above regularities is significantly dilated blood vessels.

How much can I smoke to avoid red eyes? It doesn't really matter how much THC you "absorb" or in what form. Interestingly, cannabis has a salutary effect on some eye diseases. Glaucoma can be used as an example. Medical marijuana used to treat this disease is 25% more effective than pharmaceuticals.

How about a cookie?

Cookies with marijuana

A twist is one of the many ways the body takes in THC. In the smoking community, you will find people who prefer to consume instead of smoke. Magic marijuana-based cookies provide a much bigger kick than enlisting. While smoking the herb escapes many of its valuable cannabinoids, however, eating marijuana-infused products provides us with 6 to 10% THC in the bloodstream. This is nowhere near as much as it may seem. Why is this the case? First of all, THC dissolves poorly in the body, and in the process of metabolism this substance loses its value. However, when eaten, it is much more potent and psychedelic. In the liver, THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC - a much more powerful substance than regular THC.

Effects on sleep and the popular gastrophe

The chemicals in marijuana mimic endocannabinoids, which are natural substances produced in the brain to help you fall asleep. THC makes it easier to fall asleep; however, too much can stimulate the body to guarantee insomnia. One twist before bed guarantees a restful night. Another issue remains the gastrophase characteristic of herb smokers. The main culprit behind the increased appetite is the CB-1 receptor, which under the influence of THC encourages us to snack. Appetite stimulation also has a bright side, especially for those struggling with cancer and decreased appetite. Cannabis helps encourage eating, and in turn, this leads to a more effective fight against the disease.

A cannabis-smoking chick

Fighting depression and anxiety

A bag of cannabis

Cannabis has another "magical" property - it helps fight depression and the anxiety that accompanies life. Nowadays, neurosis and all its varieties can psychologically devastate any body. Taking medical marijuana solves this problem and, most importantly, is much safer than traditional drugs, which can be addictive with devastating results.