5 quick ways to smoke marijuana

Marijuana can be smoked in at least a few different ways. Here are 5 of the most popular ones.

Quick ways to smoke

    Smoking a twist - a classic method that has been used for a very long time. To make a twist, you need tissue paper, marijuana and a bit of tobacco. The dried plant matter is mixed together in the preferred proportions and then rolled in tissue paper to form a cigarette-like twist. Smoking through a fifka - this is also one of the most classic ways of smoking marijuana. It is a quick solution and does not require much preparation. The big disadvantage is that glass pipes are prone to breakage. Smoking from a water pipe - similarly to the fifka, here too, additional accessories are used. You need a water pipe and, of course, water. Cannabis smoked in this way is filtered by water, which results in smoke devoid of harmful substances entering the lungs. Smoking from a bottle - an innovative method using a bottle and a piece of aluminum foil. It is an alternative solution to smoking through a fag. The principle is similar, except that it does not require the purchase of a glass tube. Smoking a blunt - this is another popular way to smoke marijuana. According to experts, a blunt differs from a joint in thickness and in the fact that no tobacco is added to it. It is therefore stronger. Smoking with a hookah - involves the use of a device designed to smoke wet tobacco. The principle of operation is identical to smoking from a water pipe