Vending machines with hemp specialties in Silesia

Dry or ready to smoke joint? That's the question on the streets of Tychy (Silesia Province) where the first vending machines have appeared. You can buy legal cannabis products in them.

As is well known, the market for legal dried CBD is increasingly popular over the Vistula River. Not only many online and stationary stores offering products containing CBD are being established.

Street vending machines are also becoming increasingly popular, appearing on the streets like mushrooms after the rain. The first such self-service point in Poland was established a year ago in Wroclaw. In Western Europe, however, they are already the daily bread. A few years ago, vending machines began flooding the streets in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

And the whole idea with vending machines offering droughts or joints has its cradle in Canada. The first vending machine appeared five years ago in Vancouver. Since then there has been a so-called domino effect in many corners of the world.

The lucky seven in Tychy

In Tychy, there are already seven vending machines where you can buy CBD rash and joints. And their offer is really rich and will satisfy the demand of even the most picky clientele.

In Tychy's vending machines you can buy a dried product containing different concentrations of CBD and "PUFF" joints. The price is PLN 35 for 1 gram. The dried, oils and other products found in the vending machines contain up to 0.2% psychoactive THC. This means that these products are legal and have no psychoactive properties.

Opinions on the innovative vending machines among Tychy residents and officials there are divided. One local government official commented on the pages of the portal.

- Vending machines in Tychy can operate legally, there is little that the Tychy City Hall, police or municipal police can do here, as the operation of such machines is a product of the "legal gray zone". The danger, on the other hand, is the availability of these vending machines, where even children can easily shop. It is therefore important that parents talk to and make their children aware of the potential danger and its consequences in a timely manner," comments Michal Kasperczyk, Tychy City Council councilor.

As you know, CBD dried is fully legal and has no psychoactive effects. Besides, CBD, as scientifically proven, cannot be overdosed and is used as a supplement to help treat really many diseases, including fatal ones.