Police officers thought it was marijuana and seized 48 kilograms of dried CBD!

They bragged about it as if it was another great success. Proud of the results, New York police officers even posted a photo on FB of the seizure of 48 kilograms of marijuana. However, it turned out that they had confiscated legal CBD dried!

This is not the first slip-up of the New York Police Department. This time, on November 3, they seized 48 kilograms of dried CBD. They posted a photo of themselves along with the confiscated "marijuana" on social media. They captioned it with the following:

"Working with FedEx and other local law enforcement agencies, they were able to confiscate 48 kilograms of marijuana and arrested one person associated with the delivery. "

In fact, New York officers confiscated dried CBD, or fiber hemp. It didn't take long for Fox Holler Farms in Vermont - representatives of a legal marijuana farm - to respond:

"We worked hard all summer to grow CBD-rich hemp. We succeeded; Our harvest had the permitted concentration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol - in accordance with Vermont, New York and federal law. There was 100% CBD hemp flower in this shipment. We sent 106 pounds (about 48 kilograms) to our rightful buyer and owner of the CBD company in New York, and the shipment was intercepted by the NYPD. Why are these officers showing the hemp as marijuana?"

It is not yet known whether the hemp seized by the NYPD was returned to Fox Holler Farms. What is known, however, is that NYPD officers are expected to undergo a mandatory cannabis knowledge course.

With thorough training, they would probably be able to distinguish between fiber hemp and cannabis. And the effect? They would probably gain a better image in the future by avoiding similar embarrassing slip-ups.