Professional production of dried CBD- Poland like California?

Although the hemp market in Poland compared to that in the U.S. is in its infancy, there is no shortage of examples in Poland to match the hemp American dream. We're talking about the professional production of dried CBD in Warmia. Cannabisland is a hemp cultivation worth tens of millions of zlotys, and the production of dried hemp there is carried out with attention to the highest quality standards.

High quality and sterile conditions

Cannabisland is located in Warmia, in the town of Biskupiec. What distinguishes the company from others on the Polish market is the truly professional and world-class cultivation of fiber hemp and production of CBD dried.

CBD dried is produced not only with attention to the highest quality standards, but also with strict maintenance of cleanliness and sterility. Crossing the thresholds of the production hall requires everyone to pass through what is known as an airlock.

It is in a specialized airlock that those going to the production hall are cleared of dust and pollen using special nozzles.

The hemp American dream

Production of dried CBD begins with the cultivation of hemp plants. It is in the motherhouse, where greenhouse conditions prevail, that young hemp seed plants are grown. All with attention to proper temperature, lighting, humidity and optimal ventilation.

Another box on the Cannabisland production floor already houses cannabis plants in the vegetative stage. Here, too, the conditions are greenhouse and, above all, clean and sterile. In another box there are mature cannabis plants. The entire cultivation is controlled by state-of-the-art computer equipment.

Only in another of the rooms of the production hall are the drying rooms. These, too, are operated with state-of-the-art technology to control the humidity or temperature during the drying of the cannabis flowers, and with attention to the proper flow and circulation of air.

Professional laboratory

Collected and dried cannabis flowers are trimmed. Cannabisland employees manually remove small leaves from the tops. Trimming is a very thorough and precise process, with care taken not to remove valuable trichomes from the tops. This translates not only into high quality of the dry, but also into the aesthetics of the tops themselves.

The refined tops are carefully inspected and tested under the guidance of a pharmacist. All this is done in Cannabisland's professional laboratory. You can get to know the whole cultivation and production better from behind the scenes. Cannabisland was visited with a camera by Mops. Be sure to watch his video report.