Another 5 interesting facts about marijuana

In a previous article, we already presented some of the amazing facts about marijuana, so now it's time for another dose! The interesting facts are more or less flattering to marijuana, but they are worth knowing about. We hope that at least one of them was not already known to you.

1 - Marijuana in the air

There are certain places where a haze of specific smoke is to be expected: hip-hop concerts, marijuana legalization fan rallies, and even some streets in Amsterdam. However, would we expect to smell pot in Rome?

A 2012 study in Italy found that the amount of airborne marijuana around the Colosseum and Pantheon is greater than in any place in the world where cannabis is decriminalized. Researchers tested the air of Rome, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Turin and Verona to catch psychotropic substances including marijuana, cocaine, nicotine and caffeine. They discovered a significant presence of all of these substances in each city, with Turin having the highest combined concentration. Florence and Bologna, on the other hand, reigned supreme in marijuana concentrations. This does not mean, however, that tourists can fear for a free "departure". The level is too low to affect human health in any way anyway.

2 - Marijuana in baby soap?

An unusual case occurred at a hospital in North Carolina. While performing standard tests for newborn babies, it was noticed that most of them had trace amounts of marijuana in their urine. Mothers began to be accused of smoking during pregnancy and the cases were to be turned over to social services. However, it turned out that the percentage of children exposed to marijuana was too high, so they took a closer look at the problem. It turned out that soaps were to blame.

However, none of them contained marijuana. Research determined that ingredients in several soaps could interact with each other and this caused false positives in marijuana tests. Scientists in 2012 conclusively confirmed this and cleared all leading brands of baby cosmetics. More sensitive drug tests are already able to pick up the difference, so similar panic among parents and hospital staff will no longer occur.

3. marijuana isn't necessarily green

This interesting fact may break more than one heart. "Industrial" marijuana production is not the most efficient and actually consumes a lot of energy. One kilogram of marijuana consumes as much energy as each of us uses in a week. This is all due to the special lighting that is necessary for marijuana to grow healthily. Moving the grow outdoors might help, but the demand for the plant and the difficulty of growing it make this impossible. Growers are opting for industrial marijuana maintenance in warehouses and greenhouses. Innovations, such as the use of low-energy LED lights, can contribute to more environmentally friendly cultivation, and it's likely that marijuana's power consumption will become less and less as technology advances.

4 Owls and marijuana

Discovered marijuana plantations also have drawbacks, even more so if handled by people with little knowledge and little sense of responsibility. Many pseudo-planters in California grow marijuana outdoors, which means they have to fight a rat infestation. They then spill poison in the fields, poisoning the soil and small game. The infected rats are eaten by owls, which also die shortly thereafter. In this way, the endangered species of spotted owl has become even more decimated. Studies have shown that besides them, poison is also the cause of death for 85% of small mammals of the weasel family.

Irresponsible rat extermination also affects humans. In June 2013, hospital workers in Albania reported a cluster of illnesses associated with working in marijuana fields, with more than 700 patients coming from one village. Workers from the village of Lazarat who maintained prolonged skin contact with cannabis plants during harvesting and packaging had typical symptoms of rat poisoning, such as vomiting, abdominal pain, burns on the hands and irregular heartbeat.

5: Does the heart hate marijuana?

Most of the discussion about the health side effects of marijuana use revolves around its effect on the brain and the changes that occur in it. There is talk of increased sensitivity to stimuli, panic attacks, and even serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia. But what about our heart, which sometimes starts to go crazy after smoking weed?

In a study that took place in France in 2014, researchers looked at 2,000 cases of medical complications caused by smoking marijuana and found that 2% of patients had heart problems, including nine who died of heart attacks. This study was not designed to determine if the individuals in question had previously faced cardiovascular disease and were at increased risk, so it cannot be fully determined if marijuana is responsible for their deaths. However, previous studies have shown that marijuana can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause heart attacks in sick people.