The CBD dried fruit producer wants to raise more than 4 million zlotys from crowdfunding!

The fact that hemp-related projects are of great interest to investors has already been confirmed by Hemp Combine and CanPoland. Now Freedom Farms wants to follow in their footsteps and, like the former, raise PLN 4.4 million.

Companies such as Hemp Combine and CanPoland have shown that it is possible to raise more than PLN 4 million from crowdfunding in less than an hour. Freedom Farms wants to repeat that record this quarter. The goal? To raise up to PLN 4.4 million through the Crowdway platform. The company is considering a NewConnect debut within two years.

Expansion abroad

Freedom Farms has managed to carry out a min. test cultivation of fiber hemp under artificial lighting for dried CBD since 2018. Their sales have brought the company 2 million zlotys. Ultimately, the hemp company intends to invest in increasing the quality of production, a network of showrooms (hemp stores combined with mini-plantations) and expanding the cultivation area (currently 10 hectares). This year it expects a yield in excess of PLN 9 million!

Freedom Farms wants to start expanding its distribution network in the fourth quarter of 2021. It wants to focus its sales on cooperation with foreign distributors from Germany, the Czech Republic, France and the UK, among others.

Medical marijuana cultivation

In turn, the company intends to launch medical marijuana cultivation in Poland within the next two years, if legal conditions allow, of course. If not, Freedom Farms will move abroad with the cultivation anyway.