Is CBD oil legal? It depends.

It is increasingly popular and desirable in Poland and Europe for its health-promoting properties in treating or supporting the treatment of many diseases. However, there are doubts about the legal situation of CBD oil. Therefore, in this article we will explain where and in what form this unique supplement extracted from hemp plants is legal.

Legality of CBD over the Vistula

CBD oil in Poland has not been popular with many consumers for a long time. That's why there is no shortage of stores offering this supplement in original packaging, from reputable manufacturers.

Some of the CBD oil on offer comes from domestic hemp seed crops. Growing these plants is legal over the Vistula, provided that the level of the psychoactive compound THC does not exceed 0.2 percent in the plants.

The use of CBD oil and other products made from this cannabidiol has been officially approved by the Food and Nutrition Safety Commission. In the commission's 2019 opinion, CBD products are legal and safe in Poland. They can therefore be both possessed and sold.

CBD oil in Europe

CBD oil and cannabidiol-based products are also regulated by legal standards in the European Union. Like in Poland, they are legal in the EU. There is only one "but" in the case of non-standard food items that have a higher concentration of cannabidiol than the naturally present level of CBD in hemp. A permit from the European Commission is then required and necessary.

As in Poland, the sale of CBD oil and other products is legal in Europe. It is important that they come from fiber hemp with a THC concentration of no more than 0.2%. The exceptions on the European map are countries such as Austria and Luxembourg. In these countries, the permissible limit for THC is 0.3%, and France, where the content of the psychoactive substance must be zero.

All of this seems straightforward, but it should be remembered that there may be differences between European Union countries in terms of regulations on the sale and purchase of CBD products.

The CBD situation overseas

In 2018, President Donald Trump introduced a bill making hemp seed an agricultural commodity. Thus, CBD oil with a concentration of no more than 0.3 percent THC and produced by a licensed producer is a perfectly legal commodity.

Cultivation of hemp with THC content exceeding the 0.3 percent level is already considered marijuana cultivation. It is already legal for recreational purposes in 15 US states. In contrast, regulations for marketing CBD products vary from state to state. Regardless, there is no ban on the use of products based on this cannabidiol across the ocean.