Hemp oil - methods of obtaining and using

You've probably all heard of Rick Simpson's oil, if only through the famous story of Cuba's battle with glioma. Many people are still asking themselves how cannabis oil is extracted - whether laboratory conditions are necessary or perhaps there is a chance to obtain it using a "cottage industry" method. Here is some basic information on the subject.

Rick Simpson recommends the production of oil using Ether or white spirit. However, these are quite dangerous to use. Hexane, or medical gasoline, is composed of hydrocarbons that can cause cancer cells to grow or form new ones. Additional disadvantages of Hexane are its price and taste, which patients find bothersome in the long run. The same is true of Ether, which also has hydrocarbons and is also a hazardous substance when obtaining oil. Both methods have an additional affliction in common - less turpentines, which are almost crucial for effective treatment.

As reported by research - olive oil, coconut oil, isopropyl alcohol, and also alcohol from fermentation are much more effective. Mainly because, unlike Ether and Hexene, the amount of turpentines and cannabinoids in this case is much higher. At the same time, they make it possible to obtain a high concentration of THC - up to 95%. When using alcohol for the extract, the extract can be black in color, which means a high amount of chlorophyll and thus stomach pains in the initial applications. Chlorophyll is also an aid in the treatment of cancer, among other things.

We can use cannabis oil recreationally (by inhalation), but primarily medically (orally). Medicinally, it is recommended to use gasoline, coconut oil, olive oil and alcohols, while recreationally, it is recommended to use CO2 and butane. According to research by Dr. Luigi Romano and Dr. Arzo Hekamp, isopropyl alcohol is the best option for patients - especially if you plan on a longer application.

We often hear about oils that contain 98% THC - yes, getting that high is possible, but only in a lab setting. With "home" methods, this is impossible to achieve. However, keep in mind that any oil whose THC is above 85% is highly effective in its effects.