CBD oils illegal in Poland?

Will GIS ban industrial hemp supplements and CBD oils? It reacted extraordinarily quickly to Good Hemp's notification of the oils. The industry fears that the ban will affect everyone.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has refused to register oils made from industrial hemp by the Good Hemp company. The company reported them as dietary supplements. In such a case, the rule is that they can be sold as long as the GIS does not challenge the supplement. In practice, the products take years to reach customers before the GIS becomes interested in them. This time it only took a dozen days.

As a reason for rejecting the supplement, the GIS cited "contain cannabis sativa l. inflorescence extract," i.e. the use of industrial hemp. What's more absurd, as WP money portal found out, Good Hemp notified the GIS not of new products, but of new product names that have been on sale for a long time.

It is worth remembering that industrial hemp and CBD oils practically do not contain the psychoactive substance THC, so they have little in common with the commonly understood marijuana. They only have a sedative effect," says the owner of a store with medicinal CBD oils - konopny.pl

- There is great confusion in the regulations on the trade of fiber hemp products. On the one hand, farmers growing them get subsidies from the state, while on the other hand, trade and production crashes against a wall of regulations, says Ewa Gryt, owner of Good Hemp.

An anonymous caller to WP money, also from the hemp industry, says that man is at fault here. - Hopefully, this will not be the beginning of blocking all entrepreneurs, but an accident at work. It is possible that the official issuing the decision was simply against this type of product. Everyone else may already have a different opinion," he says. More than a dozen companies have submitted several hundred CBD products for registration.

There is talk that the decision on Good Hemp Oil may be politically motivated.

Source: WP money, money.pl