Love reduced cannabis. Nanotechnology and CBD.

When you think about cannabis and the companies that sell it, you have to go beyond the traditional image of a joint, a cookie or even a vaporizer. These methods may soon be obsolete and ineffective. The future of cannabis consumption is undergoing a revolution(which one;)?) thanks to a minor innovation: nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is helping to create an alternative way to ingest cannabis and get more CBD oil and THC from the plant. A way that is also discreet, effective, efficient and clean.

Companies are only successful when they solve a problem, and with nanotechnology, cannabis companies can provide the benefits of cannabis in a healthy way where doctors and patients can feel comfortable and safe. Simply put, nanotechnology allows cannabis consumers to get the desired medical benefits from the plant without compromising their health.

What is nanotechnology?

Simply put, nanotechnology is used to transform substances such as CBD oil and THC oil into a nanometer size. Like all oils, they cannot be dissolved in water, so reducing them to microscopic size expands the ability to deliver the product to the person consuming it.

As a reference point, one nanometer is one thousandth of a micron, which is one thousandth of a millimeter. Cannabinoids otak small size, can be absorbed very quickly through the skin and other membranes of the human body and enter the bloodstream much faster. The most innovative companies use nanoencapsulation, so that CBD and THC oil molecules shrunk down to nano-size can enter the bloodstream even more efficiently and in greater quantity through the skin surface.

What is nanoencapsulation?

Basically, it's a technology that "encapsulates" the oil in a hard shell made of a material that dissolves well in water(everything is still in super mega small nano sizes). When this nano-sized amount of oil in the shell comes into contact with the outside of your body, which is 80 percent water, your body, skin and membranes accept it as a water-soluble element and absorb it easily. "Closed" oil penetrates deeper and deeper into the body, and then comes out of the shell through temperature changes and becomes active.

Now our oil is already too "deep" for the body to reject it. The hard shell also protects it from stomach digestion. The shell protects the oil enough for it to enter the stomach wall and return to the bloodstream. Nanoencapsulation can carry more CBD and THC oil into the human body than any other technology known to date.. This has major implications for the cannabis industry, opening up huge opportunities for companies to provide solutions to the consumer.

What are the opportunities?

Nanoencapsulation opens up new opportunities for cannabis companies. The science behind it can have a huge impact on the cannabis industry - other medicines can be delivered this way, creating new opportunities in biotechnology to help people with all kinds of medical problems.

For example, some types of cancer are being fought by sending engineered nanoparticles that attack diseased cells and leave healthy ones alone.

There are also many other companies that can take advantage of nanotechnology and use it to expand their own product lines. For example, cosmetic products can use nanotechnology to add CBD to their products, nanotechnology can be used to create CBD infused eye drops.

Nanotechnology can provide discreet, effective, efficient and clean use of marijuana. When products are made using nanotechnology, large amounts of cannabis are unnecessary to achieve the desired effect. They are also discreet, as all you have to do is stick a patch on your skin or place a dissolvable patch under your tongue. Many companies are already using nanotechnology in their new innovations, such as Honest Marijuana Company's honey and THC capsules, and new offerings on the market will be increasingly ingenious.