The least smelly cannabis strains

We know that every self-respecting cannabis connoisseur loves the smell of cannabis, but at the end of the outdoor season maybe you're wondering - like us - what are the least smelly strains?

After all, for a true grower the end of the outdoor season is not the end of caring for marijuana seeds!

After all, the indoor season is approaching! What's important in a good indoors?

Of course the power, of course the yield, of course the taste. What else?

Well yes, discretion! That is, the least smelly varieties!

After all, no one dreams of being visited by curious neighbors or sad men with an eagle on their visor.

DutchSkun has prepared for you the best strains for the end of the outdoor season.

Each of them with a specific power, wonderful taste, good and fast yield, and most importantly - a delicate and very discreet smell!

A! We have them all available in our offer of course!

#1 - Think Different - Dutch Passion - The least smelly auto strain

Think Different is the new super automaton that beats even Automazar in yield.

One of the best strains on the market straight from the AutoFem range.

An autoflowering plant with a very high yield and potency that can compete with the best traditional varieties.

It is a cross of AK420 - an AK hybrid with a powerful yield and an extremely potent effect with selected Ruderalis to jump start the market.

Think Different is a very stable plant that grows up to 1.5 metres tall and yields up to 300g/plant under optimal conditions.

Yields of over 500g/m2 are often achieved in just 9-10 weeks.

A solid THC level of 18%.

Easy to grow - recommended for beginners, strong and rewarded with a high yield.


Extremely subtle aroma of a classic Sativa. Ideal for more discreet cultivation.

One of the least smelly strains on the market!


A full range of classic Sativa flavours - some sweetness, some acidity, some fresh flowers mixed with subtlety.


A very potent strain to get your body moving and your mind euphoric.

#2 - AK47 Automatic - DutchSkun - The least stinky auto strain

An autoflowering hybrid whose roots go back to one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world - AK-47.

Developed from a cross of Think Different x AK-47 x Ruderalis, they provide irreplaceable quality and a true king amongst giant yielding plants.

The original AK-47 characteristics have been retained - full flavour, a beautiful aroma and dense, resinous tops are the hallmarks of AK47 Automatic.

Lowryder genes ensure this strain can grow in almost any situation - balconies, patios, glass boxes, indoors, outdoors - anywhere!

Easy to grow, also suitable for beginners who don't need any special knowledge or skills.


One of the least smelly varieties on the market!

Delicately floral with unique additions. It can be both spicy-sweet, full of spices, as well as purely sweet with no other additions.


Just like the aroma, intense and penetrating, full of sweet and spicy notes that stay on the palate for a long time.


One of the stronger Sativa strains - delivers a strong energy high with a powerful stimulant and just the right amount of creativity.

Densely covered with resinous crystals, the tops deliver the perfect combination of euphoric power and relaxation.


Not your typical therapeutic strain, but because of its effects it will cope particularly well with mood swings, depression and excessive stress.

The relaxing effect will allow you to unwind after a hard day, eliminate pains, including chronic ones, and for muscle tension.

#3 - Auto Mass Monster #2 - DutchSkun - the least stinky auto strain

Another auto created for maximum yield.

Unlike #1, this one is mostly indica so #2 is a little faster and a little shorter, reaching about 80-120cm.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds come from the most well-known genetics in the world, Northern Lights.

This is a typical Indica that was developed in the USA back in the 70's from a cross of the best Afghani genetics.


The effect is heavy, strong indica, crushing, completely relaxing.


Quite intense on closer contact, yet delicate, earthy, with hints of lemon.

One of the least smelly strains on the market!


Just like the smell - full of noticeable citrus and fresh earth - pleasantly sweet and lingering on the palate.


Good for combating pain and muscle tension and stress problems.

Effectively relaxes and loosens the whole body, leaving a real feeling of relaxation.

Also works well for sleep disorders and insomnia problems.

#4 - Masterkush - Dutch Passion - The least smelly feminized strain

Masterkush is a variety brought back from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan.

Very undemanding and works well in any medium (soil, coco, hydro).

Masterkush produces very powerful tops; the smoke is smooth, sweet with a hint of earthy and lemony flavour.

The smell during flowering is less intense than normal.

The tops are large, heavy and light green with long orange to brown hairs.

The plants are resistant to mites (spider mites) but can be susceptible to moulds if the humidity is high due to the very large and dense buds.

Masterkush are easy plants to grow and forgiving of many mistakes. They produce big yields with very high quality.

One of our favourite strains, definitely recommended.


Extremely delicate and subtle. Very discreet.

One of the least smelly varieties on the market!


Sweet and lemony with earthy undertones.


Very powerful - full body movement, a gentle dose of euphoria and the best relaxation.

#5 - Jack Herer Auto - GreenHouse Seeds - the least stinky auto strain

Jack Herer Auto from Green House Seeds is a real gift for any grower!

A fast, fully automatic flowering period guarantees the highest yields in just 9 weeks from seed!

The plant is fully covered with sativa tops with a significant THC content.

This is the legendary winner of the infamous 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, named after legalisation icon Jack Herer.

Fully pure genetics ensuring that the best of the heritage and beauty of this remarkable plant is preserved.

Considered one of the best Sativas on the market, a true masterpiece!


Full-bodied with citrus colours mixed with a stunning peppery musk.

Complemented by skunky notes accompanied by a spicy mint aftertaste.

The smell is extremely mild and discreet. One of the least smelly strains on the market!


A quick hit of mind-blowing effects for the best quality smoke.

Gentle whole body relaxation transitioning to a calm and balanced relaxation of the whole body and mind.


Recommended for muscle tension, various types of pain and inflammation.

Jack Herer's Calm will help anyone suffering from excessive stress, chronic fatigue and anxiety.

#6 - Orange Bud - Dutch Passion - the least smelly feminized strain

Orange Bud is one of the original skunk varieties (100% Skunk) and still one of the best we have seen.

The genes were selected in the early 1980's.

The plants are very strong. The strain is also very stable and will not cause any problems even for beginners.

They produce lots of dense tops, covered in resin and beautiful orange hairs.

Orange Bud was an award-winning strain in the 80s and 90s, and even now, after so many years, it won the 2017 Cannabis Cup.

This is a classic skunk that any connoisseur will appreciate.

The strain is known for its high yields when grown in the SoG (Sea of Green) method


Unique, very sweet, citrusy full of nectarines and oranges.

One of the least smelly strains on the market!


Strong, stimulating, good for those with an active lifestyle.

#7 - Arjan's Haze #1 - GreenHouse Seeds - the least smelly feminized strain

Arjan's Haze#1 from Green House Seeds are feminized cannabis seeds obtained from a cross of G13 x Haze.

A medium-long flowering time of 11 weeks that culminates in massive yields of up to 900g/m2.


An incredibly psychoactive high with powerful hits and an extremely long-lasting effect.


A spicy flavour, full of minty notes and reminiscent of the best Sativa strains.

One of the least smelly strains on the market!


Effective in treating various kinds of pain.

Significantly improves the appetite.