CBD, like marijuana - tips for cultivation and use.

If you use CBD you may be wondering how growing dried CBD is different from growing marijuana. Both processes are quite similar. The biggest difference comes from the law, with the legal limit being the amount of THC concentration. The key issue is choosing the right seeds. Are Polish producers of dried CBD need to pay attention to yet other aspects?

Differences between CBD and THC

Every dried seed producer knows that although CBD and THC are chemical compounds found in the same group of plants, they differ significantly. Both act on the endocannabinoid system while triggering the release of neurotransmitters into the brain. However, CBD has no psychoactive effects, unlike THC. In addition, dried CBD is fully legal.

Polish manufacturers of dried CBD must ensure that the concentration of THC does not exceed 0.2%. Cannabisland has a range of dried products that meet the legal requirements. You can buy organic products from them from indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. The dried products produced by the company are tested by two independent, accredited laboratories. Locating the crops in Warmia and Mazury, ensures the production of uncontaminated plants of the highest quality.

The publication "CBD: A New Hope?" written by researchers at the University of Madrid and the University of North Carolina distinguishes CBD from other molecules contained in hemp. Although the authors of the text admit that the effects of CBD have yet to be thoroughly studied, it is already being used to treat a number of diseases. Among them are inflammation, seizures or depression.

The use of THC can also have salutary effects, but for the time being cannabis can only be used for medical purposes in certain cases, and legal dry is very expensive. CBD products are cheaper and more readily available than medical marijuana, and they are definitely safer to purchase than sourcing dried THC on the black market.

CBD cultivation versus marijuana cultivation

Growing CBD is similar to growing marijuana. However, you need the right seeds that meet legal requirements to prepare the dried product. Polish dried seed producer Cannabisland makes every effort to source its CBD products from plants from the Cannabis Sativa L family, which contain THC levels that comply with legal requirements. These plants have high concentrations of CBD. The oils and dries they offer can be legally purchased from the manufacturer's website.

Another important aspect is to determine the beginning of the harvest. Young buds of cannabis flowers contain the most CBD, but THC concentrations will also be higher at this time. Older flowers lose some amounts of one substance, but later harvests allow you to get a dried plant with a high content of CBN (cannabinol), which helps you fall asleep and has a sedative effect, without the psychoactive effect. So it's best to test plants that have been harvested at different times.

CBD is contained not only in the buds of cannabis flowers, but also in their leaves. They contain a relatively low concentration of this chemical compound, but it is enough to make a butter, tincture or oil.

How to use CBD?

Cannabisland has a range of dried CBD from which many products can be extracted. It can be smoked, just like marijuana, but there are many other forms of administration. If you want to consume the substance in a way other than inhalation, be sure to use an oily carrier. You can add CBD to a homemade cake, chocolate, or ice cream dessert. You can also make your own tincture or oil.

If you decide to buy a hemp product, remember that not every such item contains CBD. Pay attention to the product description, choose trusted brands and check the research.

Using CBD can significantly improve your comfort level. This chemical compound is a remedy for many ailments. If you want to try CBD dry or oil, visit CANNABISLAND, where you can find products that comply with the highest standards and Polish law.


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