THC limits - or how Polish regulations are hampering the industry's growth?

The very low permissible levels of THC in fiber hemp have been keeping hemp farmers and growers up at night for a long time. Although in Europe the limit of 0.2 percent THC has been raised to 0.3 percent, but that still doesn't solve the problem. Unfortunately, Poland and other European countries are still far from the booming hemp industry that is taking place in the US.

Risky hemp cultivation

The cultivation of fibrous hemp, otherwise known as seed or industrial hemp, still resembles Russian roulette in Poland. This is known, not only to farmers, but also to professional producers of legal stimulants such as CBD dried min.

Exceeding the permissible limit of 0.2 percent THC risks conflict with the law. More than once farmers have found this out, who, due to a slightly inflated limit, sometimes lost their entire crop after a police check.

It also happened that due to an unfounded denunciation one could also lose a whole year's crop, because by the time the police, the court and the prosecutor's office clarified the matter, the secured hemp had had time to mold or rot. We have written repeatedly on this subject and you can read one of the articles here.

Negligible increase in THC limit

While the European Union has decided to raise the permissible THC limit from 0.2 percent to 0.3 percent, Poland is still debating whether to actually slightly change the current limit.

Raising the standard by 0.1 percent won't really make life any easier for farmers and producers of dried CBD. The result? The true boom of the hemp industry is still in the realm of dreams. And as is well known, this sector generates profits counted in the hundreds of millions of zlotys. Some of them could go to the state treasury.

There are, of course, a few exceptions in Europe, such as Italy, where the limit of THC in hemp products, such as dried CBD mines, has been raised to 0.6 percent, but this still doesn't wash with the very convenient regulations that are in the US.

1 percent THC!

Overseas, regulations in effect since March 2021 allow a limit of 0.5-1 percent THC. However, the U.S. cannabis growers' lobby and the ongoing debate are increasingly drawing a line at allowing 1 percent THC!

There are many indications that raising THC limits in the US is only a matter of time. Unfortunately, in Poland and the rest of the EU, the fear of a larger increase in permissible limits still prevails.

Higher limits on permissible THC concentrations would allow for the cultivation of more productive varieties that, with similar inputs, would provide farmers with higher yields and better earnings. It would also create higher quality products with better aromas and flavors. Above all, however, it would save farmers, growers and manufacturers of hemp products unnecessary stress.

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