Cannabis quality - How do you identify low, medium and high quality cannabis?

When it comes to cannabis, the quality of the bud can have a significant impact on the overall level of consumption and how we feel while smoking. But what are the differences between low, medium, and high quality cannabis? Whether you're trying to improve your growing skills or just want to pick the best stuff at the dispensary or coffee shops, here's a list to help you determine the quality of your flower with ease.

Low quality

The lowest quality cannabis is often referred to as "bottom shelf" stuff or even as junk. This labelling comes as no surprise, as the cheapest choice definitely doesn't contribute to a pleasant smoking experience - it causes a painful scratching sensation in the throat, which often turns into an irritating cough. In addition, it very often causes headaches and chest pains, which often lead to anxiety attacks while smoking.

It's worth mentioning that it's not always the price that determines what quality cannabis will be. Let's not be influenced by how much we pay (although a red light should go on in our heads if the price offered differs significantly from generally accepted norms), but rather take a closer look at the plant. Low-quality cannabis will be recognized by the fact that:

    it contains cannabis seeds; it is dry; it crumbles easily; it is loose; it has a brownish tint; it has jagged ends; the bush is spacious but not dense; it contains few hairs; it is difficult to ignite; it causes chest pain; it coals; it contains mold, particles of other plants and pesticide residue; it has a faint or musty odor.

Low-quality marijuana is often older or improperly grown and dried. Older cannabis produces more cannabinol (CBN), which is a breakdown product of THC. CBN is less psychoactive than THC, which means the "bottom end" will not provide the same effects as a healthy, better plant.


Medium quality

This is the most popular type of marijuana available on the market. It can be found in dispensaries and coffee shops around the world. For the average marijuana user, this is a completely sufficient level of quality. This herb is usually sold at an affordable price and is a reasonable purchase. Typically, average quality cannabis contains average amounts of THC, often between 12 and 17 percent.

Here are some things by which we are able to recognize average quality cannabis:

    it has small buds with adequate hair coverage, it is grown from seeds or clones with decent genetics, it has been properly pruned and fertilized during growth, it burns evenly and turns to a gray, powdery ash, it can exhibit varying levels of moisture, so some strains may be too little or too dry, it has a pleasant aroma but does not stand out from other cannabis.

Medium quality cannabis is often grown by intermediate cannabis growers who are just starting out with this unique plant. Both high THC and high CBD strains can fall into this quality range, as the end result depends on how the cannabis is grown, nurtured and dried.


High quality

Truly high quality cannabis is a reason for many to travel all over the world. Despite appearances, it's very hard to come by, as its unique status is not only determined by a combination of the right strains, but also by a specialised cultivation and preservation method. Only a few growers can boast such knowledge and skills.

The aromas of high-quality cannabis are often astonishing and cannot be mistaken for anything else. Additionally, they are characterized by very aromatic and pleasant flavors. The most expensive cannabis strains can have aromas reminiscent of specific flowers, spices or even sweets!

Cannabis of the highest quality is distinguished by:

    organic cultivation, a combination of the best plant genetics and grower skill, a heavy, dense coat of trichomes, an extremely aromatic, pleasant smell, dense and fluffy buds that are large and "rich", excellent moisture content of 62 to 65 percent, a wide range of colors, from green, purple, blue, red, it is easy to crush but sticky to the touch, the grower can show laboratory test results and quality certificates, it burns uniformly and quietly and forms white ash, only natural plant protection products are used in its cultivation, it is usually stored in sealed vacuum containers.

It's easy to guess that you'll have to pay a lot for top quality cannabis, but that's a quality-price ratio. Truly exceptional cannabis can be sold for as much as 200 euros a gram, which isn't a record anyway. Fortunately, we can also find top-quality strains for as little as 5 euros per gram - it will still be a better tasting experience than the poorer types of cannabis. 5 euros is a good price for good cannabis. That's what you'll pay in European coffeshops. In the USA the prices are a bit higher and we pay for ounces, of which one ounce is 28 grams. Quality marijuana can be rich in both CBD and THC. In the case of THC, most strains contain 18 percent or more of this compound.