Top 5 situations where CBD helps

CBD is associated in Poland - at least for now - with seriously ill children and other difficult topics. It is THC that is the cool substance in marijuana that, "gives you wings" and lets you have fun. Regular smokers in the West, however, are increasingly appreciating CBD. Below I will list some of the situations in which they use it most often. The potential uses of CBD are all the more worth looking into because the CBD-based oils available in our country are 100% legal (I remind puzzled readers that in our country, legally, it is not so much marijuana that is de facto illegal, but THC itself).

Here are 5 illustrative situations in which it makes sense for a healthy adult to take CBD in any form:

1. CBD and the problem with masculinity

The herb has long been considered an aphrodisiac; sex afterwards is an amazing sensation for many. But taking CBD alone, or ganja that has a high concentration of it, will cause a guy to experience an effect similar to taking Viagra (or one of its many more readily available counterparts in our country). Cannabidiol will cause us to have no problem with erection and proper intercourse, although it will do so in a completely different - and more healthy - way than the "blue pill."

In the case of the latter, the active ingredient is Sildenafil, which - in a nutshell - causes a better blood supply to the penis, so that a person having trouble having normal intercourse (most often due to stress, related, for example, to a new partner, and sometimes not even directly related to an intimate situation - for example, someone may have bed problems through severe stress at work).

From the reviews that can be found online, it seems that the drug has quite a few drawbacks: it often leads to nasal congestion and a dry mouth at the same time, which makes kissing difficult; some also mention that it sometimes causes headaches/dizziness, and that the heart rhythm can accelerate so much that sometimes, in the case of intense intercourse, rapprochement has to be interrupted at times.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is a whole different tale. It improves our "physical performance" in a completely different way: it doesn't so much directly affect our "motor skills" as it does the cause of our "momentary indisposition." Cannabidiol acts on our perception of the situation, de-stressing us and making the negative tension that is the source of penis anemia subside.

In other words, thanks to CBD, you'll be more yourself, even with an "overly excitable" girl. For the sake of accuracy, it should be emphasized that neither Cannabidiol nor Sildenafil may not help people whose trouble with sex has a source other than stress.

2 Fear of flying vs. CBD

This is something many people still don't deal with. The lift of the machine at takeoff, the moment of landing, turbulence, are not nice things. Everyone is probably familiar with the unpleasant sensation of falling when the plane makes some more violent movement or when it rises.

I will always remember how, on my first flight, the boy sitting next to me took out a picture of Mary and squeezed it nervously when the plane left suddenly abruptly upward, after a failed landing approach. In the U.S., it's becoming increasingly popular for travelers to take a small bottle of CBD oil on board with them, precisely so that they won't have to experience this kind of unpleasantness after a proper dose of it.

This is something you can boldly do in Poland as well - after all, you can take liquids on board in bottles no larger than 50 ml, and oils with Cannabidiol are usually no larger. It's just worth checking if CBD is legal in the country you're flying to (and it is in most cases).

3 - Nervousness during public speaking vs. CBD

In this case, it is worth referring to a simple experiment conducted by a group of scientists in 2011. (Its results were published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. A group of people with anxiety problems were asked to give a short speech in public.

These people were given either CBD or a placebo (i.e., a substance that did not actually affect them in any way). In addition, a control group was created from people who felt comfortable and normal in front of a crowd. As a result of the experiment, it turned out that people who were fearful of public speaking handled it much better when given CBD.

The subjects spoke perceptibly more freely, with no symptoms of nervousness, discomfort or cognitive impairment. Which was clearly observed in members of the opposite group. This was found at the level of eyewitness observation as well as by medically measuring specific changes in their bodies.

4. CBD and sleep disorders

This is one of the most popular uses of CBD today. There are a multitude of sleep remedies available on the market. Many of them have unpleasant side effects, and most notably, overdosing on them can lead to death. More often to something, in the opinion of many people, even worse: coma.

Cannabidiol cannot be overdosed, or at least it has never happened to anyone yet. So it's a very safe sleeping aid, especially for people with any mental problems and those who are emotionally unstable. All this makes CBD oil effective in helping with insomnia.

5. morning coffee and stress at work vs. CBD

In the US, which has been at the forefront of hemp news lately, coffees containing CBD extract are gaining popularity.
Market experts say they will become a real hit within the next few years. They will take up permanent residence under the roofs of many homes.

Why do Americans drink something like this (and especially in the morning, after getting up)? Because CBD and coffee complement each other perfectly. The latter - it is known: it stimulates a person and gives him energy. But its disadvantage is that this stimulation in a stressful situation can easily cause more nervousness, exacerbating fears and anxieties.

And this is where CBD comes to the rescue, counteracting the fact that the energy gained from coffee can turn against us in such an unpleasant way into unpleasant tension. CBD, as it is known, makes a person approach any situation much more calmly and "at ease".

This is because, among other things, coffee and CBD act in opposite ways on adenosine receptors. Caffeine blocks them, CBD allows them to function normally again, making us behave in a "more normal" way. Of course, to relieve stress, one can take CBD alone as well. Nevertheless, the combination with an energy drink seems something very cool if we have to face a difficult day at work.

It's a shame that no one in our country has yet dared to launch such a coffee. The biggest dam to CBD's popularity in Poland, besides the lack of awareness of what cannabidiol can be used for, was the price. Fortunately, CBD products are becoming more common. And, consequently, available at affordable prices for all of us.