CBD cookies for dogs a new hit in the U.S.?

Pet medications based on cannabis extract are gaining huge popularity in the US. CBD cookies for dogs help treat pain and relieve stress. However, they are not completely legal....

Austin was helped by homemade CBD cookies

It all started with a labrador named Austin owned by Kat Donatello, who was extremely hyperactive. He was helped by a cookie containing cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, which is obtained from marijuana. Commercially available supplements containing CBD were expensive and the selection was limited, so Kat began making her own treats for her dogs. Through these experiments, she founded Austin + Kat, a company that sells CBD-containing snacks for dogs.

Austin + Kat is one of several such companies that have sprung up in the past two years. According to research, the number of CBD-containing dog supplements sold has doubled since then. It's a new trend in the U.S. that is encroaching on a market worth about half a billion dollars. It is expected to grow by another $150 million over the next four years.

Are CBD cookies for dogs safe?

According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD is one of the 80 active substances that marijuana contains. However, unlike THC, CBD does not cause a feeling of euphoria. This means that a dog will not be high after eating CBD cookies. Nonetheless, there is still debate as to whether four-legged dogs should be given CBD.

Scientific studies on the use of CBD in animals are virtually non-existent, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (DEA) does not allow the use of marijuana in animals. Nevertheless, some veterinarians recommend its use, and pet product manufacturers and retailers are increasingly introducing such treats to stores.

Veterinarians have differing opinions on the use of marijuana in animals. - Our knowledge is based on observations of how human organisms react, rather than on research-proven knowledge, admits Dr. Gary Richter. - I agree that what can help a human can also work well on a dog, the veterinarian adds. In the absence of reliable research, the pet CBD industry cites the opinions and experience of veterinarians who use such remedies on animals.

DEA doesn't have time to deal with CBD, companies profit

In the U.S., CBD is often ordered online, which is actually a violation of the law. - Cannabis extracts and derivatives are subject to the same scrutiny as the plant, DEA's Russell Baer points out. Understandably, the institute does not have time to deal with CBD while the country is facing an opioid crisis. In addition, there is an ethical conflict here - a human is able to express in words how they feel after taking a new drug, a dog cannot.

While scientists debate what to do with CBD. Investors are enjoying its high popularity, which has been brought about by the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in some states. Over the past two years, sales of such products have increased tremendously. - assures Julianna Carella, founder of Treatibles form. Since February, the company's revenue has quadrupled.

- Since people are seeing the various uses for cannabis. They will certainly want to apply it to animals as well. Claims Troy Dayton, co-founder of California-based Arcview Group. - Not surprisingly, this market is growing. There are many dog owners who would like to relieve the suffering of their pets, adds Julianna Carella.

Source: bloomberg.com