Coffee with CBD! Energetic recharge

Caffeine stimulates, CBD calms. So at first it may seem that combining them in one cup or mug is not a good idea. However, enthusiasts of adding CBD oil to coffee claim otherwise. According to them, coffee with cannabidiol works great.

Coffee - the best stimulant

A sip of coffee in the morning to wake up, a cup of coffee at noon to make it to "fajrante", a cup of coffee with a chocolate cube in the afternoon, when our energy drops and we really want to sleep, and there is no prospect of a nap... For many of us, coffee is an essential attribute of every day. It smells beautiful, tastes good, but most importantly - it replenishes the energy we lack for one reason or another.

Many studies show that, drunk regularly and in reasonable quantities, coffee actually has a good effect not only on our energy levels, but also on our brain function. It stimulates the nervous system, reduces fatigue, improves mood, concentration and memory abilities.

While serving the heart and brain, the caffeine contained in coffee unfortunately also has its negative side. Used in excess, it can cause feelings of anxiety and a kind of "irritability," which does not positively affect our well-being.

CBD oil - a health supplement

CBD oil, or more precisely - the hemp-derived cannabidiol contained in it is also not inert to our body. Unlike the other "most famous" hemp-derived agent, THC, cannabidiol does not put us into altered states of consciousness. Instead, it is able to, among other things, reduce the sensation of pain, act as an anti-inflammatory, affect our metabolism, prevent and reduce anxiety.

Among the many advantages that CBD oil supplementation brings to a person is the regulation of the diurnal rhythm. Cannabidiol, which can calm feelings of irritation and relieve anxiety, also promotes sleep. Studies and experiments with CBD as a therapeutic agent indicate that a side effect of cannabidiol therapy can be excessive sleepiness.

Caffeine paired with CBD

Does adding a drop of CBD to a cup of coffee make sense? At first glance, no. Because since caffeine stimulates and cannabidiol calms, would it be a coincidence that CBD oil would cancel out the beneficial effects that coffee drunk first thing in the morning has on a brain getting ready for work?

Research on the caffeine-cannabidiol tandem is only in its infancy, but it's starting to happen because practitioners - everyday consumers of both substances - say they feel the benefits of combining caffeine and cannabidiol in the same pot.

Namely, they note that coffee with CBD still stimulates them, but does so less violently, much more gently and calmly. This is because cannabidiol abolishes the feeling of post-caffeine jitteriness and anxiety that some coffee lovers complain about. Which is worth testing on yourself, adding a little of your favorite supplement to your favorite beverage at the earliest opportunity and observing the effects.