BUH NO BUCH! We know the results of the beer tests of Provincial and Palikot.

In early January, a long-awaited venture by many in the cannabis industry saw the light of day. Buh beer, initiated by Janusz Palikot and Kuba Wojewódzki, stood on store shelves. Is it actually the announced revolution? Not exactly. Or rather, not at all.

In October of the previous year, Janusz Palikot and Kuba Wojewódzki announced the formation of the Friendly State company. They announced the production of beverages, including CBD-based beer. The alcohol was to be brewed by Tenczynek Brewery. At the beginning of January, sales of the product were officially launched and hit the Żabka store chain. It costs 8.99zl, and for a kraft beer this is a rather good price. However, will it satisfy amateurs of KONOPI?

Mistake after mistake

We intentionally wrote the last word of the previous paragraph in capital letters. This is because even before we open the beer we may feel distaste, because in the description of the composition we see Aroma from hemp. We don't mind if a layman gets the spelling wrong - it's not the simplest. But if we are taking on some business, pumping a considerable amount of money into marketing, we know the spelling of our key product. We won't parse this mistake, because what's more important is what's inside the bottle, not outside. So what do we find inside?

Beer connoisseurs we are not, so we have not written a review here. There will, however, be the truth. That is, something the makers of Buha lacked. Przemek Zawadzki sent the beer to a lab to test how much cannabinoids (which are stated in the composition) are in the brew. The result turned out to be surprising - 0%. The conclusion is that either there is no cannabis there at all, or it's in such a small amount that it's a shame to add one. Below are the videos of Mops and just Przemek, who describe the whole situation in detail.

We think it's very good for cannabis that such recognizable people are entering the industry. They will certainly improve the image of cannabis among people who don't know much about it. After all, a cannabis leaf will be seen on a daily basis in such a large store chain as Żabka. It's just a shame that the product - despite its really great potential - is very weak.