CBD lubricant helped 24-year-old woman have sex

A 24-year-old British woman who has never experienced pain-free sex says a moisturizer containing cannabidiol (CBD) has helped her. Since using it, her relationship has become more successful and her erotic life happier.

Emma, a 24-year-old recruitment specialist from the United Kingdom, experienced sexual initiation at the age of 16. Like for many other girls, she found her first intercourse painful. Unlike her classmates, however, who in time began to discover the charms of close-ups, Emma avoided them like the plague.

Every attempt made ended in more or less pain for the British girl. To avoid it, she began to isolate herself from the world. She broke off friendships with boys and then men who were more closely interested in her, squandering further chances for a happy relationship.

Finally, in an act of desperation, Emma decided it was best to pretend she was a lesbian. Then the men she likes will give her a break.

Knowing that something was wrong with her, but not understanding the nature of her problem, Emma decided to visit one doctor's office after another. Finally, a gynecologist made a diagnosis - vaginosis.

What is vaginismus

Vaginismus involves contractions of the muscles surrounding the entrance to the vagina, independent of a woman's will. It prevents painless sexual intercourse, sometimes even prevents penetration.

Usually caused by psychological factors, the ailment primarily affects young women and is considered a form of neurosis. It is treated simultaneously in a gynecologist's office and with a psychologist, or...

Will CBD help women with vaginismus?

Despite her fear of pain, Emma finally decided to have a permanent relationship with her current partner. In love, she desperately sought help for her vaginosis.

It was a stroke of luck that the couple ended up in the US together, where they came across a lube (vaginal lubricant) that contains cannabidiol, which is derived from cannabis. They tried it out.

What was Emma's amazement when it turned out that the product not only had a moisturizing effect, but also an antispasmodic effect! CBD applied to the vaginal mucosa inhibited the activity of hyperactive muscles and calmed the pain.

Currently, the British woman and her partner are enjoying successful intimate intercourse. Emma believes that the CBD lube primarily relaxes her mind, followed by relaxation of her body. She always has the cannabidiol preparation on hand on her bedroom cabinet.

If you would like to experience the positive effects of CBD on yourself, you can get CBD oil from a reputable manufacturer and make such a lube yourself. To do this, mix CBD oil with a conventional lube. The effects may surprise you!