CBD added to strawberries prolongs their freshness!

It has not been known for a long time that CBD oil has broad preventive and health-promoting effects. However, recent studies indicate that it is not only an effective supplement, but also a natural preservative for fruits.

CBD vs. fresh strawberries

CBD oil is a popular supplement that has therapeutic uses for a wide range of diseases. From pains, inflammation, to depression, Hashimoto's disease or the most severe cancers.

The health-promoting, safe and non-psychoactive CBD oil was used by University of South Florida researchers in an experiment with strawberries. They doused freshly picked fruit with it and found that it kept them fresh longer.

The researchers tested the penetrating antimicrobial effects of CBD. The result? CBD oil reduced microbial growth and extended the shelf life of strawberries. The findings were published in the journal Postharvest Biology and Technology.

Nice, fresh and mold-free

The CBD-sprayed strawberries were evaluated for visual quality, as well as microbial content before and during storage. The results of the study clearly showed that CBD proved effective in maintaining the visual appearance of the strawberries, compared to fruit that had not been sprayed with it.

There was also a significant reduction in the microbial load in the fruit, resulting in less mold and yeast production. CBD effectively inhibited yeast and mold growth on the strawberries. Importantly, the fruits were also of better quality than those that had not been treated with CBD.

Potential of CBD oil

An experiment on strawberries showed that CBD has potential as an antimicrobial agent that can be used to naturally preserve fresh produce.

To achieve extended freshness of the fruit, the researchers stored cannabinoid-treated strawberries at 1 degree Celsius for 8 days and 10 degrees Celsius for 8 days. The study proved that CBD can be used by consumers at home as an effective antimicrobial. CBD will also extend the shelf life of the fruit.

Additional studies conducted by the researchers also highlighted that CBD, due to its antimicrobial effects, can also be an effective ingredient in mouthwashes.