NIKE releases new products with HORP (lots of photos!)

We've written recently about the various uses of hemp. Cannabis-infused cookies, chewing gum, or honey based on hemp resin. But we're not going to stop there. Today we are going to take a closer look at a popular sports shoe manufacturer - Nike. As we all know, when it comes to sports shoes or clothing, innovation and good marketing count. Undoubtedly, Nike has these two qualities, because the new SB Dunk Low Premium Hemp shoe model was made of... hemp. Of course, putting shoes on our feet, we will not treat ourselves to a dose of THC, it's not that good :), however, this is a gadget that will certainly appeal to ardent supporters of marijuana.

Durable...because of the hemp!

How does the shoe look like? Very impressive, the manufacturer has made every effort to make this product was not just a gadget, but a full-fledged footwear. Hemp fibers are characterized by very high resistance to all kinds of damage and abrasion. Few people know, but this material remains more durable than the popular fiberglass. The shoes are made entirely of hemp, so they will serve us for many years. The only part of the shoe made of other materials is the leather tongue. A special release date has been chosen to emphasize the uniqueness of this model. In Europe, the hemp shoes debuted on April 15, however, the premiere in the United States took place on April 20. Why exactly on the 20th? This date is widely regarded as the holiday of marijuana. Nike decided to give a small gift to all smokers on the occasion of their favorite holiday. Unfortunately, the price of the shoes do not come out the most favorable. The amount of 94 euros will certainly reflect negatively on the state of our wallet, but in this case we do not pay only for good PR. As we wrote above shoes remain resistant to long-term use. It is worth noting that Nike in 2004 released a similar model of footwear, although it was not 100% made of hemp.

Not only Nike

Is Nike's idea so original? As it turns out, not really. One of Nike's biggest competitors, Adidas, also released a shoe model made exclusively from hemp. Levis, on the other hand, offered pants made of hemp fibers. However, it was Nike that advertised its product in a good way. Why are clothing manufacturers so eager to use hemp? As we have already written it is an extremely strong and against all appearances cheap material. Policies in many countries have significantly restricted the cultivation of hemp, but the plant is gradually finding its way into farmers' fields.

Do you like these shoes? What clothes made from hemp would you like to wear?