Snacks with marijuana - interesting recipes

Smoking is not enough! You can easily combine cannabis with snacks. In this way you have the admiration in the eyes of friends of lovers of the herb guaranteed! Cannabis is not just a boring cookie, but really anything you can imagine - from over-sweetened pancakes to dry bacon. Plus, you can decide for yourself how much marijuana you want to add and how noticeable you want the flavor to be.

Ganja Chicken

All recipes will be simple, but this one reigns in ease of execution. All you need to do is prepare a honey marinade to which you add, or as if otherwise, cannabis. It's best to keep it as dry as possible, but it's really suitable in any form. In a bowl of honey and marijuana dilute a small amount of water, put in the mixture chicken (can be whole or just legs, wings, etc.) and leave for min. 2 hours, but preferably overnight. After this time, we grill it until it turns golden. We can add various spices to the marinade to mask the smell and taste of marijuana.


Put a thick layer of butter on the ready tortilla pancakes and sprinkle with marijuana. On top of this we put cheese, grilled corn, fried chicken pieces or other meat. Put the whole in the oven preheated to 200 ° C for about 15 minutes. Take out of the pica, put fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber or tomato and roll up. The melted cheese and the buttery fat will extract all the flavour from the marijuana.

Banana pancakes

Everyone has their own recipe for the perfect pancake batter. So all you have to do is top it off with cannabis and a good amount of bananas. However, keep in mind that bananas can successfully replace eggs. These sweet pancakes made with flour, milk and marijuana are the perfect way to sneak some fruit and herbs into your diet. Just mix all the ingredients together and fry them in a pan. A strong banana flavor and a few drops of maple syrup will drown out the marijuana smell.

Stoner Snickerdoodles

Cookies, however, a little different than the traditional ones. Here, instead of regular oil, we use coconut oil, which in itself has an unearthly aroma and specific flavor. Combining it with cannabis you can get a really tasty mix, and if you add sugar and cinnamon to everything you get a sweet snack that will appeal to everyone.

Herbal guacamole

This is a must for every party. Adding Mary Jane makes guacamole taste really special. You don't even have to soak or prepare it in any special way before using it. Just pulverize the marijuana in a mortar or blend it thoroughly, then add it to your standard ingredients. The strong flavor of onion, garlic, and avocado blend perfectly with marijuana.

Marijuana French Toast

Once again, cinnamon saves the day and drowns out the strong marijuana flavor. To prepare toast, we use dry bread or baguettes and soak them in beaten egg with sugar, cannabis and cinnamon. Thus prepared bread we fry in vegetable oil until brown.


Fried bacon is considered by many as a gift from God. And with the addition of cannabis is a whole other level of miraculous. We fry strips of thinly sliced bacon as we always do, and sprinkle marijuana powder on top at the very end. It's a completely different experience for the taste buds than sweet snacks, definitely worth a try.

Sandwich madness

Sandwiches can be extremely boring, but all it takes is a unique sauce and they become the hit of the party. Mix cannabis with mayonnaise and a bit of cream until it reaches a velvety consistency. Season as desired and voilà! Seafood, such as shrimp or lobster, goes well with this sauce.

Lazania with addition

Ground beef, ricotta cheese, aromatic herbs and vegetables is something every hungry smoker dreams of. The marijuana here can be added directly to the eggs and cheese, which we pour in at the very end of making our casserole. When combined with tomato sauce, oregano and other intense flavors, the aroma of marijuana disappears, but you will still be able to enjoy its effects after eating a piece of lasagna.

Fried chicken

These are the kind of improved chicken pieces we know from KFC. We coat small wings or diced chicken breast in beaten egg with spices, and then in flour with marijuana powder in it. Fry the meat for about 8 minutes in deep fat, preferably in a deep fryer. To improve the taste, it is worth adding some spicy additives, e.g. chili peppers

Corn bread

Although in Poland the fashion for using corn flour has not yet appeared, in Western Europe it has already started to make waves. To make such bread we need: 400 g of corn flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, 100 g of canned corn, 2 eggs, 400 g of kefir, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil or melted butter, 1.5 teaspoons of salt and, of course, as much marijuana as we see fit. The bread will steal the hearts of everyone, especially those avoiding gluten in their diet. Double win.