Almost 100% pure THC - experience the strongest hash on the market

Hashish is made from the resin of the cannabis plant which is compressed and mixed together and is much more potent than traditional dried cannabis. Depending on the variety, cannabis resin can contain up to 50% THC, a fact which is particularly appreciated by those who enjoy a strong sensation. Recently, a completely new and even more potent variety of hash has been introduced to the market - Crystalline.

The THC concentration in Crystalline is 99.9 %, a figure that has been found to be astonishing. This number has both the scientific community and smokers stunned. Officially, Crystalline remains the strongest cannabis derivative available on the market. The stir caused by the new commodity shook the cannabis market. In a short period of time, demand outstripped supply. Even the $200-a-gram price tag is failing to deter impatient and curious customers. Crystal hash is now on everyone's taste buds.

Crystal is one of the many forms in which cannabis extracts can be found, but it's the crystallised form that remains the purest. Crystalline's structure at first glance resembles the dangerous methamphetamine, but that's where the similarity between the drugs ends. Crystalline is seen by recreational users as a great way to get high, while it has medical applications. Crystalline primarily relieves chronic and intractable pain and helps with debilitating diseases.

Guild Extracs (a leader in the field of crystallisation) is responsible for the new project, and the production process itself remains strictly confidential. Several processes must take place in order to produce the THC desired by smokers. Initially, THC takes an acidic form and is referred to as THC-A. Then, under the influence of heat, a process known from chemistry lessons takes place which decarboxylates the carbon atom and makes THC.

Smokers, of course, consider smell and taste in addition to potency. The THC created during the decarboxylation process is devoid of the terpenes responsible for the smell. To make the final product more appealing, the experts at Guild Extracs dip the crystals in terpenes obtained from marijuana species that consumers like.

Crystalline is mainly recognised for its potency, which can knock novice smokers off their feet, but the composition of the crystals is equally attractive. Crystalline is devoid of any of the impurities typical of black market strains. The cannabis industry changes with every passing year, but Crystalline can be described as a milestone in purity and potency.