Lupus and marijuana therapy

Autoimmune diseases have different symptoms, but they all have in common the destruction of tissues and cells by the body. Lupus, which belongs to this group of diseases, causes painful swelling of the joints, fever, tightness in the chest or swollen lymph nodes. One of the most characteristic symptoms of lupus is a red rash. The course of the disease depends on the body - in some people the symptoms are mild, while in others they are much more severe. Lupus like many diseases can be cured, however very often used in therapy steroids strongly debilitate and burden the body, and also increase the probability of atherosclerosis, diabetes and osteoporosis development. Lupus and marijuana therapy - is there a chance for patients?

Lupus and marijuana therapy

Kristen Peskuski is a woman living with lupus. So far the treatment has not been very successful. Steroids and antibiotics were very debilitating and caused rapid weight gain. Lack of motivation and will to live, as well as numerous failures caused by the disease, led to the fact that the list of drugs was extended by antidepressants. The situation did not look colourful. One time Kristen smoked marijuana out of curiosity. The effect was almost immediate - the symptoms of a troublesome illness were alleviated. Unfortunately marijuana was still on the list of banned substances, and the scratchy throat and inhalation of smoke made the author's therapy difficult.

New hope in the fight against the disease

Kristen searched available sources to find the cause of her illness. The woman believed she was suffering from endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome discovered in 2003. The known form of treatment for this new disease remains supplementation. Kristen immediately sprang into action. The mainstay of alternative therapy was cannabis mixed with hashish, smoked at a rate of one ounce per day, and marijuana consumed with fatty foods such as milk. The story took a new turn when Kristen was confronted by Dr. William Courtney (future partner), who was interested in the compounds contained in cannabis. William made Kristen realize that she would get better results by using cannabis that had not been heat treated. Why? Fresh cannabis has far more valuable medicinal compounds. Since then, Kristen had been taking capsules containing dry cannabis, which she sipped with cannabis-infused juice. The visible results of the treatment prompted the couple to establish the Cannabis International Foundation and promote their proprietary treatment.

Opportunity for many patients

The key to treating lupus with marijuana is high levels of CBD and taking it orally. Capsules seem to be the most convenient, but they can be hard to come by. Preparing them by hand takes some time, however the final result is worth the sacrifice. When preparing the capsules, remember to wash the plant very carefully as it is possible to be infected with different strains of bacteria.