TOP 5 habits of top smokers

Cannabis is a nice way to unwind after a week of hard work, but how do you actually enjoy the benefits of the herb in a skillful way? In today's post, we will present 5 rules that every gourmet of the herb should follow.


1- First of all, focus on quality, not quantity

Cannabis comes in many different varieties, so you can choose the right kind for you. Relaxation or stimulation? Depending on your preference, go for high quality, contaminant-free dried cannabis with the right amount of THC. Going for the cheapest available cannabis strain may be good for your wallet, but remember - a true gourmet is all about aroma, taste, quality and effect!


2- Plan the right time

Smoking cannabis should be treated as a ritual, so that you can relax for a while and forget about the stress of work. An afternoon relaxation after returning from work, or maybe a few gulps before bed? It all depends on you! The important thing is to enjoy smoking, rushing through the day and burning cigarettes is your enemy. So schedule in some time for cannabis, turn on the TV or music and relax. We categorically advise against using marijuana before going to work or driving. Think twice before you do it....

3-Please relax with friends

Marijuana contains psychoactive substances that open us up emotionally. Getting together with good friends is a super opportunity to reach for a joint and enjoy a good time or discuss important issues. Individual smoking is great, but visiting with friends is an interesting alternative.

4-Accessories - Keep everything organized

As we know, the number of accessories for smoking marijuana is very large. Whether your taste is in pipes, traditional joints, or bongs, always keep your instruments organized. What's more, keep them properly clean to enjoy your MJ smoking experience that much more. There are many types of cannabis smoking equipment on the market, varying in nature of use, material of construction and price. The cheapest products are not necessarily a good solution. Bet on quality!

5-Gastrophase - choose your snacks wisely

Who hasn't heard of the mythical gastropause that afflicts marijuana smokers? It's true! Smoking the herb increases the feeling of hunger that we need to satisfy. A kebab or a calorie-laden hamburger undoubtedly tastes very good, but if you smoke more often, swap these high-calorie snacks for something healthier. Vegetables and fruits may not satisfy your hunger to the same extent, but they should be part of the meal you eat when you are on gastropause.


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