Cannabis treats to know (including chewing gum and Ozzy's favorite cookies)

Cannabis has also made its way into the culinary world. You won't find any recipes for making a marijuana-infused Easter cake on TV or in cooking magazines, but what for do we have the Internet? Cannabis cookies or other food products are an interesting alternative, and a curiosity for anyone who likes to experiment with the herb!

Cookie or joint?

Marijuana taken orally has a much stronger effect because the psychoactive THC is metabolized in the liver. When taking marijuana orally, we should be patient, as it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to as much as 2 hours before we feel the effects of THC. It is worth being patient, cannabis in the form of food lasts much longer. The fact is that when you consume cannabis-infused food you are only supplying your body with about 10 or 20% of the THC. Smoking a joint, on the other hand, provides a much higher concentration of THC, which usually ranges from 50 to 60%. The main difficulty with homemade baked goods remains assessing the right amount of marijuana. According to manufacturers operating in the Colorado market, the standard dose should be around 10 mg. So much basic information and differences between eating and smoking marijuana. Let's check out what products are served with marijuana.


100 grams of butter, an egg and...1.5 grams of cannabis

Cookies with the addition of cannabis are becoming more and more popular. Their great advantage remains the simplicity of making them. Just a few eggs, flour, butter and additives in the form of coconut shavings, chocolate and baking powder. To properly mixed ingredients add cannabis, put the whole in the oven and here it is! Of course, the above ingredients are just an example that shows the simplicity of home baking with the addition of cannabis. As an alternative to homemade cakes, there is an official cake called "space cake".


Space cake

This term is used for cookies with the addition of hashish, which have gained enormous popularity in the Netherlands. These cookies are not very different from standard cannabis-infused cookies, but they offer a much stronger kick. Hash cakes are usually in the form of chocolate balls or traditional cakes like cupcakes. Even the greatest rockers have experimented with hash cakes. The icon of British heavy metal Ozzy Osbourne baked hashbrown cookies with hashish and other substances at home. Hashish cookies have existed in pop culture for many years. They appeared in such productions as I Love You, Alice B. Toklas and The Pink Seventies.

Cannabis-infused alcohol

Cannabis resin dissolves well in both fats and alcohol. How do you get alcohol with the addition of cannabis? A proven way remains adding cannabis stalks to rum or brandy and then mixing the heated ingredients. The mixture is then added to regular vodka to create a Green Dragon drink. The resulting drink can be added to coffee, for example.

And butter with cannabis on bread


Cannabis butter is a product made by mixing cannabis with butter. The prepared mixture is then heated, thanks to which we get a supplement for a slice of bread. Cannabis-infused butter can be made by anyone. All you need is a pan, an oven, cannabis and butter.

Chewing gum


Now a company called Axim Biotechnology has started working on a chewing gum with THC. The gum is expected to be available in 2017, and the high THC content is supposed to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis, among other things. In some stores, gums with marijuana additives are already available, as well as sweets such as lollipops or chocolate. We must admit that the creativity of producers knows no limits and new products are constantly increasing.

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