What is Kush?

If you are new to cannabis, you may be shocked to learn just how many different strains, and therefore different qualities, there are in this plant. Kush is a particular strain of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range spans the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and is one of the few geographical regions where this specific plant occurs in the wild. What is Kush? So how do you recognize Kush varieties?

Kush - a strain that will survive (almost) anything

To better understand Kush strains, it's important to look at the region they come from. The Hindu Kush area is an 800-kilometer mountain range stretching from central Afghanistan to northern Pakistan. It is known for its harsh climatic conditions and served as a major passageway connecting slave markets in Central and South Asia.

These poor weather conditions obviously had a big impact on the cannabis plants growing in this region. Kush strains belong to the Indica sub-species and are known as strong plants which can withstand low temperatures, windstorms, lack of water or strong sunshine. Despite such disastrous growing foundations Kush still produces amazing yields because unlike some Sativa strains that grow in warmer areas, these varieties tend to form into short, stocky plants.

These characteristics can be really beneficial to growers. They make it possible to create a productive garden both INDOOR (WITH ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING) and OUTDOOR (outdoors) without worrying about the cold or temporary lack of water damaging the whole plant. However, it's important to bear in mind that not all Kush strains currently available on the market have the same appearance or durability - a big influence here is the cross-breeding and subsequent creation of hybrid strains. So how do you identify the most original strains?


Kush strains are generally short, but at the same time stocky and richly branched. Their leaves and are dark green in color and can even show subtle purple hues. The buds are usually thick, massive and richly covered with trichomes. The pistils can vary in color from orange to brown.

Smell and taste

Kush strains can have very complex aroma profiles, ranging from earthy, floral or pine notes with more distinct scents such as pepper and citrus. In terms of flavor, the smoke and vapor from Kush strains tends to leave a floral aroma in the mouth, and can also blend into more complex flavors that are reminiscent of berries or citrus.

Psychoactive properties

Kush strains generally produce a strong sedative effect combined with the pronounced euphoria typical of Indian cannabis strains. Some Kushe can contain up to 20% THC, which means they produce a powerful hit that leaves some users giggling, happy and meditative. Very often, Kush promotes philosophical or self-reflective conversations, so it's a good choice for anyone looking for calm and a release of daily stresses in cannabis.

The most popular Kush strains

    OG Kush Extremely strong, yet aromatic and interesting tasting herb. It has notes of lemons combined with petrol. THC levels are a staggering 24% compared to the 0.23% CBD! OG Kush is 75% indica, made up of Lemon Thai/Pakistani genes crossed with the famous ChemDawg strain. Bubba Kush Bubba Kush is what usually comes to mind when people think of indica dominant effects. It is extremely easy to grow due to the characteristics of the original Kusha - it grows low, has rich branches and buds, is stocky, and can withstand inconvenient weather conditions. It has 18% THC and 0.22% CBD, so it can still get you in the chair and turn on the gastrophase. Purple Kush Purple Kush is a great example of indica-dominant attributes. This strain has purple leaves and generally has an earthy, grape-like taste. It has an extremely calming effect, but not a sedative one - encouraging you to laugh for hours or reenergize after a hard day. THC levels vary from 15 to 20%. Candy Kush (express fast version) Afghan Kush (pure orgin)