Study: the most common reasons why people take CBD

Anxiety, stress and insomnia are the most common reasons people choose to use CBD oil. That's according to a recent survey-based study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

CBD supplementation

CBD oil, which is created from cannabis flowers, is an increasingly popular supplement that treats, or aids in treating, a wide range of diseases, including the most severe ones such as cancer.

However, the supplement, according to a recent survey, is being sought by those consumers who are not coping with stress, related anxiety and sleep disorders. The survey makes it clear that the majority of those surveyed said CBD helped them with the aforementioned symptoms already at low doses of less than 50 mg.

Of the four most common symptoms, three were related to mental well-being. Stress, anxiety and sleep problems are some of society's biggest health problems, and there is a real lack of developed treatments.

The authors of the survey acknowledge that more research is needed at this time on whether CBD can effectively and safely help treat these symptoms.

Survey results

The authors of the survey found that so far there is little knowledge about the effects of CBD on stress, anxiety and sleep problems. Therefore, they conducted an online survey of CBD oil users to better understand the patterns of use of this supplement, as well as dosage and, ultimately, efficacy.

The survey sample consisted of 387 current or former CBD users who responded to an online survey consisting of 20 questions. Its participants 61 percent women. 72 percent of respondents were between the ages of 25 and 54. The vast majority of respondents - 77 percent - were UK residents.

CBD supplementation increasingly popular

Over the past few years, the use of products such as CBD oil has become very popular. Manufacturers and reputable stores are outdoing each other in offering such supplements.

It's no longer just the research conducted that confirms that CBD is an effective remedy for stress, anxiety and insomnia, but also the frequent inquiries from consumers about the specific CBD oil that will be effective in treating these conditions.