Italy - CBD recognized as a drug? Yes, in 2014

"CBD has been classified as a drug in Italy!" - are outdoing themselves in reporting such false information in the media. We have checked it thoroughly and we pass on how it actually is with CBD in Italy.

First of all, no decree on the classification of CBD as a narcotic substance has recently been signed by Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza, and at all CBD oils and extracts are not expected to disappear from the local market by October 30. As you know, the signing of the decree to list hemp products, as reported in the media, took place but in 2014!

Unverified and, as a result, untrue information is being straightened out by really few - this was done, among others, on social media by the Hemp Combine: "The only thing that has changed with the current decree is the specification that CBD isolated from these extracts also counts as herbal medicinal preparations. This was necessary in order to be able to introduce Epidiolex as a medicine on the Italian market."

On the issue of CBD extracts and oils in Italy, nothing has changed: "(...) the "tragedy" you write about happened back in 2014, and somehow things continue to spiral! It's a pity that no one checks this kind of sensationalism, I understand that they click well," wrote Hemp Combine.