Can CBD extend your life? New research says YES!

It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as supporting treatment and curing many diseases. The health-promoting properties of CBD - an organic compound found in hemp plants - have already been confirmed by many scientific studies. These latest ones also indicate that CBD can extend life.

CBD in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

CBD oil and any supplements based on this compound found in hemp plants - as confirmed by British scientists - can extend life in pancreatic cancer sufferers. As is well known, pancreatic cancer is the biggest killer among all cancers. All because it is detected very late.

80% of cases are diagnosed only at the stage of metastasis. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this cancer are often mistaken for those of other diseases, hence the late detection rate. Unfortunately, patients with this cancer live a maximum of 5 years.

According to researchers at Queen Mary University of London, the use of CBD can extend patients' lives by up to five times! This was confirmed by a study conducted on rodents, in which the use of CBD helped to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Longer life...

The results of the experiments conducted by the British also confirm the findings of the Canopy Group Corporations. They show that CBD-treated worms showed an increased lifespan of up to 20%, and their late-life activity increased by 200%. These results only show the effect of CBD on worms, so research is needed on the effect of CBD on life extension in humans.

As of yet, there are no conclusive human clinical trials to confirm this. What is important, however, is that CBD shows no signs of life extension toxicity or burden on worms.

The potential of CBD based on experiments conducted in worms is very promising for the future of humans. However, the impact of cannabinoids on lifespan is not so easy to determine, since our species already lives longer than other mammals.

CBD for longer life and better memory

In another study conducted at Germany's University of Bonn, CBD was administered to mice to determine memory performance as the animals aged. As is well known, memory performance declines with age. However, the researchers found that CBD reverses brain aging. This confirms that the use of CBD can also alleviate Alzheimer's disease.

The German researchers also found that older animals regressed to the state of two-month-old mice. This may mean that the experiments have opened the way for a more thorough investigation of how CBD can minimize the impact of dementia in the elderly.