CBD dried - how to find a good manufacturer?

There are many manufacturers of dried CBD. Prominent among them are Cannabisland, which offers the best quality dried product. The company uses state-of-the-art technology, growing hemp, with respect for the environment, in one of the cleanest areas in Poland. How the products are made of a Polish producer of dried products?

Where does the quality of CBD dried come from ?

Cannabisland has its crops in Warmia and Masuria, where air pollution is low and soils are fertile. As a result, the plants, grown in outdoor conditions, have the best conditions for growth.

The aforementioned dry producer, however, deals with indoor cultivation. It uses state-of-the-art LED lighting from Plantalux for this purpose. And clean Warmian air drawn from the outdoors is continuously circulated through state-of-the-art recuperation systems

The plant is constantly looking for the best growing methods by testing the latest solutions. Prominent among them is the use of pots that reflect light and are designed so that the plant's roots can breathe - Airpots.

Indoor cultivation is equipped with a special ceiling with fans that can be lowered. This reduces the amount of energy expended by the cultivation.

At every stage of cultivation, both outdoor and indoor, Cannabisland employees ensure that the best quality is maintained using high-tech means.

Ready-to-harvest plants are tested in the company's laboratory, where trichome saturation levels are checked, as well as the presence of mycotoxins and pathogens in the inflorescences. Then samples of the tops and substrate are sent to an accredited testing center with which Cannabisland cooperates.

When to start harvesting?

Sativa varieties typically mature in 8 to 12 weeks, and there are a number of characteristics to judge whether to harvest.

One thing to note is whether some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow. This indicates that the plant is concentrating on nourishing increasingly large buds.

Another important aspect is to monitor the trichomes, which Cannabisland staff do on a regular basis. Trichomes are small glands that grow on cannabis plants and can be seen on buds and leaves. They are responsible for the formation of cannabinoids and for producing CBD-rich resin. Trichomes also have a protective function against weather and insects.

The next elements of cannabis to look out for are the flower buds. The bigger they are, the closer they are to harvest. However, not all flowers are ripe at the same time. It is possible to trim only the upper, grown buds leaving the lower, still immature flowers.

Atpruning and trimming

Trimming the buds is a critical moment. It can be done by the dry or wet method. The first method is usually used right after harvesting, while the second takes place after the flowers have dried. Regardless of the choice of the method of trimming buds, it is important to remember to remove the so-called sugar leaves located at the flowers themselves. This can be done immediately at harvest or removed by trimming the buds, after drying.

Cannabisland employees trim the plants with great care so that they do not lose their trichomes and prepare well-saturated, aesthetically pleasing tops. The leaves are removed by hand after drying.

ThePolish dried producer also cares about ecology. Cannabisland uses a special machine that recovers warm air. The irrigation system also takes environmental issues into account. The plant recovers 95% of the water used for cultivation.

Cannabisland is a responsible CBD producer that checks its product at every stage of development. The Biskupiec-based company tests various technological solutions to ensure they deliver the highest quality dried product. Particular attention to ecology and constant innovation are worth highlighting. The solutions that this Polish manufacturer of dried CBD are a rarity in our country.