European battle over CBD continues

Should or should not hemp products receive special treatment? Is CBD or not a drug? Although the European Commission has already settled the matter, rulers in individual EU countries are still asking themselves these questions. And they are answering them variously.

The European Commission has ruled definitively: cannabidiol (CBD) is not a drug. So theoretically it can be used in all countries within the European Union.

Theoretically. Because although in fact, unlike its "hemp" brother THC (which causes a high in marijuana smokers), CBD does not have consciousness-altering properties, it is extracted from hemp.

Admittedly, from different plants than those dried for smoking marijuana, since hemp for making CBD oil, pastes or vaporization oils with CBD have a different composition, but...

The dance between CBD and THC

The various countries of the European Union are looking closely not so much at CBD itself, but rather at THC and the similarities between the hemp used to produce marijuana and the hemp from which CBD is extracted.

How is an officer arresting a person in possession of dried hemp supposed to know whether the detainee has hemp with low or high levels of THC? In addition, when it comes to the concept of "low levels of THC," country to country is unequal - in Poland, those hemp in which the level of THC does not exceed 0.2% are allowed on the market, but already in Sweden or France, for example, dried hemp may not contain THC at all.

Is hemp tea a drug or just a health-promoting product? Courts - in France and Germany, among others - had to settle such cases last year. The verdicts were each time in favor of dried hemp of the variety rich in CBD and poor in THC, but every now and then the topic returns, as the lobby of opponents of hemp products is not idle.

The rules are not entirely clear, which both the authorities of various countries, as well as representatives of the various industries and the lawyers behind them take advantage of and use as a weapon in the fight.

And ordinary users suffer, confused about what is and isn't legal.

CBD in Poland

In Poland, it is allowed to use hemp products that have less than 0.2% THC in their composition.

In our country, you can both grow so-called industrial hemp (with low THC content) and use it. However - as mentioned above, an officer will not be able to "by eye" assess with the dried product of which variety of hemp he is dealing with.

Therefore, for your own peace of mind, also convenience and safety, hemp products and supplements containing CBD are best purchased certified, labeled and from a proven manufacturer. Because it is the manufacturer who is responsible for the composition of the specific product.

Finally, two words about cannabis - in our country it is legal only for medical use and only with a prescription from a doctor. Will this change in Poland and other EU countries? Discussions at government-medical levels are ongoing. We will follow their results closely.