60 DAY GRAPEFRUIT HOLENDERSKI SKUN Very fast automatics, ready in 60 days from the start idnoor and about 65 outdoor. Plants are low, reach about 30-50cm indoor, outdoor up to 80cm. AK HOLENDERSKI SKUN A classic among commercial strains - the most awarded variety in cannabis history. AK is an easy to grow variety with a very high yield and great potency which has won many awards. It is mainly Sativa and the name comes from its potency - a 'one pot' variety. AK47 AUTOMATIC (HOLENDERSKISKUN) The most popular autoflowering variety on the market. Auto AK47 was created by crossing a Lowryder x AK47. Our new version is slightly bigger and much more productive than the previous one. Very good for beginners. Indoor speed from seed to finish in up to 65 days, outdoor around 70-80 days. AUTOMAZAR DUTCH PASSION This is a hybrid of our legendary Mazar® strain (bestseller, 3 awards) praised for its potency, yield and smooth taste with Indica/Ruderalis. It gives surprisingly large yields for an autoflowering variety. AMNESIA XXL AUTO DINAFEM SEEDS This is mainly a sativa created by crossing Original Amnesia and Original Amnesia Auto. The result is a fast sativa, ready from scratch in 75-90 days, giving very large yields. WHITE WIDOW XXL AUTO DINAFEM SEEDS An even better autoflowering version of White Widow. We have stabilized a version with even higher yields and even more resin frosted tops than ever before. KRITIKAL BILBO GENEHTIK A famous strain known for its ease, speed and productivity. The tops have a spectacular, intensely fruity aroma and sweet taste AUTO FRESH CANDY A strain with a fresh, sweet taste reminiscent of candy. She is easy to grow and adapts to any type of cultivation with no problem. It's ideal for beginners and those who don't like to do too much. CRITICAL+ 2.0 DINAFEM SEEDS A predominantly Sativa feminized strain resulting from the combination of Critical+ and a very humidity resistant phenotype. This is an enhanced version of our Critical+. AUTO BLUEBERRY DOMINA MINISTRY OF CANABIS A powerful Indica created by crossing Bluberry and Black Domina in an auto version.